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  • Aldyne Stevenson

    Aldyne Stevenson

    Tribal Police   Aldyne is from the Peguis First Nations. From a young age she wanted to be in policing. Aldyne works with the Dakota Ojibwa Police Service in the crime prevention unit, helping youth.  

  • Hadiga Little Wolf

    Hadiga Little Wolf

    Tribal Police   Hadiga trained at the RCMP academy in Regina.  

  • Krystle Whitecloud

    Krystle Whitecloud

    Tribal Police   Krystle is from the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. She was raised by her single Mom.  

  • Farica Prince

    Farica Prince

    Tribal Police   Farica is from the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation in Manitoba. She decided to get into policing right after high school.  

  • Amy Roulette

    Amy Roulette

    Tribal Police Amy is from Sandy Bay, Manitoba. She started there with a clerk job and now is a Constable with the Sioux Valley Dakota Ojibwa Police Service detachment.  

  • Jesse Brant

    Jesse Brant

    Into the Fire   Jesse is a member of the Mohawk nation, Turtle clan. She is an identical twin to Dakota.

  • Dakota Brant

    Dakota Brant

    Into the Fire   Dakota is a member of the Mohawk nation, Turtle clan. She is an identical twin to Jesse.

  • Shayne Cameron

    Shayne Cameron

    Officer Down   Shayne is Constable Robin Cameron’s daughter. She was 11 years old when her mom was killed.

  • Howard Cameron

    Howard Cameron

    Officer Down   Howard was Constable Robin Cameron’s father. He was a former RCMP officer.

  • Vanessa Nepoose

    Vanessa Nepoose

    To Hell & Back   Vanessa has wanted to be a firefighter since she was 13 years old.  Two of her brothers also work in the fire department with her.