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  • Update on the fatal capsize of the whale watching boat

    Update on the fatal capsize of the whale watching boat

    The Ahousat First Nations community is feeling forgotten by the province of BC. The community was promised marine emergency response training and have not yet received it. This community was featured in episode 213 Medical Outposts, Chaos & Courage Season II. http://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/months-after-fatal-boat-capsizing-first-nation-feels-forgotten-by-province-1.2814502

  • Inquiry into missing & murdered Aboriginal females

    Inquiry into missing & murdered Aboriginal females

    www.cbc.ca/news/canada/thunder-bay/inquiry-missing-and-murdered-indigenous-women-1.3390803 An update on the inquiry that is finally happening into the missing and murdered Aboriginal females in Canada. Please watch Episode 203, Walking With Our Sisters where viewers learn about the movement traveling across Canada.  

  • Anita Bleackley, Production Manager

    Anita Bleackley, Production Manager

    Setting up a few of the shoots were very stressful. The ‘Corrections’ one we thought we had a location booked in and they came back saying, ‘no, you’re not approved to go’. They then came back last minute and said, ‘yes you can come’. There’s been a few that’s been a real quick organize because they were going out in a day or 2 days.

  • Patrick Gordon, 2nd Unit Sound

    Patrick Gordon, 2nd Unit Sound

    My overall perspective on the series is just all the amazing women who are willing and wanting to talk to us on camera and tell their stories and get their stories out there was really amazing to me. These women were willing to do that for us. There’s women out there who are really making a difference in their communities for no other reason than they want to help.  

  • Douglas Cole, Director of Photography

    Douglas Cole, Director of Photography

    Overall the series was a challenge. There was a lot of chaos. I mean, the name is very appropriate because there is a  lot of chaos out there. But the courage of the communities and the courage of people that are there to help and move these communities forward and move Canada forward is very inspiring. These first responders are amazing people.

  • Ava Karvonen, Director

    Ava Karvonen, Director

    I think what’s demonstrated time and time again, in all the episodes with the ladies, is yes, you do have a voice, and you have to exercise that voice. Only you can bring about change. What I think I was blessed with is people who are willing to share their stories with me. What I’ve heard from my friends who’ve been watching the episodes to date is, “Wow. I never looked at the Aboriginal community that way before. I didn’t […]

  • Tihemme Gagnon,  Writer / Producer

    Tihemme Gagnon, Writer / Producer

    Welcome to the “Chaos & Courage” website. My name is Tihemme Gagnon. I am the writer and one of the producers of this series. Chaos & Courage showcases the contributions of Aboriginal women across Canada to their communities and to the country as a whole. Most of the women who are showcased in our series are filling first response roles. Aboriginal women, stories of inspiration and hope and overcoming great odds, are almost never told. I thought that was a huge injustice, and […]

  • Ahousaht First Nation rescues victims in boat sinking

    Ahousaht First Nation rescues victims in boat sinking

    http://globalnews.ca/news/2298459/5-confirmed-dead-after-whale-watching-boat-sinks-near-tofino/ Watch Chaos & Courage episode 213, Medical Outposts for more on the Ahousaht First Nations.